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Childhood trauma has been called the “hidden epidemic,”  because it is the underlying and often unacknowledged cause of unhappiness in so many peoples’ lives.

Chronic maltreatment of young children, such as abandonment, abuse, neglect, and violence, as well as maternal stress during pregnancy, change of primary caregiver, and repeated medical or surgical procedures all have a powerful negative effect on the child’s physical, mental and emotional development. Children who experience repeated trauma suffer debilitating consequences throughout their lives.

Traumatic events affect the developing brain and nervous systems of young children in ways that predispose them to anxiety, depression, anger problems, compulsions, and addictions as adults. Childhood trauma is also the source of most adult relationship problems and many chronic diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and cancer.

When memories get triggered in present time by situations similar to the original wounding, we react in childish, self-destructive ways that undermine our success and happiness. This unconscious self-sabotage shatters our dreams and leaves us feeling battered, alone and hopeless.

If this sounds like you there is hope, because clinicians now understand how severely childhood trauma affects adult lives and are learning how to treat those early wounds effectively. Despite the pervasive effects of childhood trauma, you can put an end to self-defeating behavior that has sabotaged your happiness until now. You no longer need to suffer alone in silence and despair, because there is help.

The good news is that trauma-induced self-defeating behavior can be changed, as can the emotions and memories surrounding the original wounding.

Current research has taught us much about how trauma is best treated and healed. In addition to this, I have over 30 years experience helping trauma victims heal and move on to better lives. I use a multi-modal approach, but primarily I am a somatic (body) psychologist who heals trauma by neutralizing the emotional content of negatively charged traumatic memories held in the body.

As transformative as this treatment can be, there is no magic wand for healing trauma. I can help you defuse traumatic memories, but much life has happened between when you were young and who you are today, so you must learn new coping skills to recover fully from the hidden effects of early trauma.

Above all, you will come to realize that trauma wounds are sacred, and that healing trauma is the hero’s journey home to the self you have always been. There is no journey more rewarding, and I would be honored to be part of your healing journey home.

Our deepest fears are the dragons that guard our greatest treasures.  (Rainer Maria Rilke)


Dr. Victoria Bentley
Trauma Psychologist

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